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Monday, Mar 09, 2004
Finally! I placed the files for version 0.2. It adds support for additional unit types, such as angle, area and computer units. Hopefully this makes the current version a tad more useful than 0.1. If I find enough time the next version, in pure C, is going to build on top of calctool.
Sunday, Dec 07, 2003
Version 0.2 of unit conversion calculator has been ready for some time. I need to package it and publish it. I also decided that this is going to be the last stand-alone version. The next one is going to be built as an extension to calctool.
Thursday, Sep 18, 2003
I have added three more unit types: angle, area and computer units. The first one provides conversion between degrees, radians and grads and related measures. The area unit type deals with acre, hectare and measures derived from squaring metric and British/US measures. Finally, the computer units are traditional bit, bytes, kilobytes and such and not so traditional crumbs, nybbles, deckles and so on. Version 0.2 will also have online help.
Sunday, Sep 14, 2003
Version 0.1 has been released! It is truly an alpha version. I drew icons using Gimp, even though I feel much more comfortable coding that drawing. The Polish translation is missing Polish characters, such as ą, ć, ę, etc., and so on. Every time I typed them in, in gedit they would be saved in some weird way. Oh, well, like I said, this is alpha software. Now onto version 0.2 which should add support for more unit types and online documentation.
Saturday, Sep 13, 2003
The initial documentation for the software is finally ready. It probably needs to be slightly extended, but at least it is there. I have also linked window titles, so their contents can be opened in a full size ... well, window. Now, I wonder how can I prevent the for-profit types from using my layout ... ideas, anybody?
Friday, Sep 12, 2003
While the code is still being worked on I added the ability to move windows around. Just click on the title bar of a window and drag it to a new location.
Wednesday, Sep 10, 2003
The code is almost ready. Version 0.1 has limited number of unit types. At the moment it only supports temperature, mass, distance, time and volume. Total of 63 units. It is more of a proof-of-concept release.